ViewPager update fragment on swipe – Android

05 Feb

1) Attach the Listener:

mViewPager.setOnPageChangeListener(new ViewPager.OnPageChangeListener() {
            public void onPageScrolled(final int i, final float v, final int i2) {
            public void onPageSelected(final int i) {
                YourFragmentInterface fragment = (YourFragmentInterface) mPagerAdapter.instantiateItem(mViewPager, i);
                if (fragment != null) {
            public void onPageScrollStateChanged(final int i) {

2) This is your Interface:

public interface YourFragmentInterface {
    void fragmentBecameVisible();

3) Change your fragments so they implement this:

public class YourLovelyFragment extends Fragment implements YourFragmentInterface {

4) Implement the interface in the fragment

public void fragmentBecameVisible() {
    // You can do your animation here because we are visible! (make sure onViewCreated has been called too and the Layout has been laid. Source for another question but you get the idea.
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Posted by on February 5, 2016 in Android Source Code


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