Eclipse not recognizing the android device

09 Oct

Step 1:
Goto your device manager -> Right Click android adb composite interface under android phone -> Goto the details tab -> Select Hardware Ids Property from Scroll down.

And you will see something line USB\VID_05E0&PID…..

This 05E0 is a hex number, create adb_usb.ini file and put this number inside it as 0x05E0. Now save this file inside your .android directory. And you will see your device inside eclipse and also from command line using adb devices command.

Step 2:
When you start the Device sometimes adb doesn’t recognize it because it has already started. So, in that case you just need to reset adb from DDMS->Devices and click Reset adb

Step 3:
Is above two steps failed then try to root your device and then follow the above two steps
Sucess is for sure.
I have tried for iball 6318i tablet

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Posted by on October 9, 2013 in Android Tips & Tricks


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