Blink image animation in android

28 Jun

There are several, depending on what kind of flashing do you mean. You can use, for example, alpha animation and start it as your button first appears. And when the user clicks button, in your OnClickListener just do clearAnimation().


ImageView imageview = (ImageView)findViewById(;			
final Animation animation = new AlphaAnimation(1, 0); // Change alpha from fully visible to invisible
animation.setDuration(500); // duration - half a second
animation.setInterpolator(new LinearInterpolator()); // do not alter animation rate
animation.setRepeatCount(Animation.INFINITE); // Repeat animation infinitely
animation.setRepeatMode(Animation.REVERSE); // Reverse animation at the end so the button will fade back in	    
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Posted by on June 28, 2013 in Android Source Code


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