Steps to import ActionBarSherlock lib into existing android project

25 Jan

Step 1: Download the latest sherlock lib version from
Step 2: Extract the folder
Step 3: Copy the lib location e.g.”D:\Nikhil Lotke\Projects\JakeWharton-ActionBarSherlock-4.2.0-0-g90939dc\JakeWharton-ActionBarSherlock-e5c2d1c\library”
Step 4: Create new android project in eclipse > Enter any project name “SherlockLib” > select Create project from existing source > paste your selected lib path here > Click Next > select build target as 4.1 > Select Finish
Step 5: Some errors will occur there after in the same project then just add lib android-support-4.0 to the project
Step 6: Clean the same project

Now move on to creating another new android new project into workspace
and now we will give reference of SherlockLib project to this newly created android project.

Step 7: Create new android project “ActionBarTest”
Step 8: Select build target as 4.0 > > click finish (Because sherlock requires 4.0 lib)
Step 9: Once the project is ready then go to android manifest file and change minimumsdk version to 8 and targetsdk version to 14
Step 10: Clean the project
Step 11: Mention as shown below

public class ActionBarTest extends SherlockActivity {
    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Step 12: Run the app and enjoy using sherlock action bar.

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