Steps to commit Android Project in SVN

26 Oct

After successful installation of Tortoise SVN follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Import your project into workspace
  2. Right click on the Project > Team > Share Project > Select SVN
  3. Create new repository path or select the existing repository path. > Next
    Ex: file:///D:/mySVN/branches
  4. file:///D:/mySVN/branches/AutoSMSsender > Next > Finish
    Whereas “AutoSMSsender” is my project name.
  5. Again right click on the project > Team > Commit To commit the entire project into the svn/branches dir
  6. Once the entire project is committed successfully then open the repository
  7. Right click on the project folder > Export > In Export Directory provide path where to checkout the project
  8. Go to the path where you have checkout the project there you will see the green color correct icon on folder now whenever you commit any changes then just come to this folder and take update of the entire project.


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Posted by on October 26, 2012 in SVN


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