Code to fetch account details in Android

05 Sep

We can fetch account name using:;
and the encrypted password using:

one more way:
public String getUsername()
AccountManager manager = AccountManager.get(this);
Account[] accounts = manager.getAccountsByType(“”);
List<String> possibleEmails = new LinkedList<String>();

for (Account account : accounts) {
// TODO: Check possibleEmail against an email regex or treat
// as an email address only for certain account.type values.

if(!possibleEmails.isEmpty() && possibleEmails.get(0) != null){
String email = possibleEmails.get(0);
String[] parts = email.split(“@”);
if(parts.length > 0 && parts[0] != null)
return parts[0];
return null;
return null;

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Posted by on September 5, 2011 in Android Source Code


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